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About Us

We bring over 30 years of combined experience in providing  nationwide businesses with a variety of technology, payment processing (EMV)

 and Point of Sale Systems (POS) solutions.

We offer simple solutions which enable businesses to increase profitability, productivity while delivering the best experience to their clients. 

Founded in 2009 by our CEO, Edwin Leonardo, MALEO grew as  we  partnered up exclusively with the financial industries.   

Edwin Leonardo

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Edwin Leonardo is the founder and Chief Executive Officer for MALEO.  With over 20 plus years in the technology industry, Leonardo leads a team who develop innovative technology and payment solutions.  Leonardo drives business strategies to address clients needs as well as shape the future solutions that empower businesses to solve their most critical challenges.  Leonardo was recognized for his achievements in the financial industry by being featured in the June 2014 edition of Business Solutions magazine. 

Shirley Delgado

 Chief Operating Officer 

 Shirley Delgado is the Chief Operating Officer for MALEO and responsible for managing the financial and sales results across the firm’s solution lines.  Delgado brings a strong combination of experience serving corporations with a mix of legal and compliance solutions.   Prior to MALEO, Delgado spent 20 years in the  commercial risk management industry.   

Jade Getter

Business Development Manager

Jade Getter is the Business Development Manager for MALEO.   Getter identifies sales leads and potential business deals by  discovering and exploring new trends and advancements in technology.   Getter's  sales and marketing experience in the technology industry assists our partners, clients and solopreneurs to grow their personal brands and professional businesses.